Teacher account

Teachers on a school that has a contract with Loops can, in short:

  • build your own loops using your own teaching material and online resources

  • build loops with colleagues you have invited

  • use loops from the open libraries by showing them on a screen, starting or remixing them. 

  • use loops in your organization’s/school’s own library by showing them on a screen, starting or remixing them. 

  • start loops you have built or found in the library and invite students to work in them and colleagues to collaborate in the loops.

  • start loops for teachers and invite colleagues to work in them

  • track students’ and/or colleagues’ work in a distributed loop and give them formative feedback

  • see an overview of your students’ work under My student overview

  • save copies of started loops you have continued building on

  • publish loops to the Worldwide Loops library

  • publish loops to your own organization’s library

  • share a loop to people who don’t have a Loops account, via link.

Depending on what settings the administrator for the school has made, sometimes teachers can also:

  • invite students and teachers to your school

  • remove students and teachers from your school

  • create and edit groups