Remix (make a copy) of a loop from the library

When you find a loop in the library that you like, you can choose to make a copy of it, by clicking the Remix button. When you click Remix loop a dialogue will open where you have the possibility to change the loops name, before it is copied and ends up at top of the list under My loops. 

If you don't change the name it will be called "Remix - The original name" (see picture below). The idé with remixing a loop is that you will have your own copy that you can rebuild/remix a bit before you hand it out to your students. If you like to start the loop the way it is, you choose to start it directly from the library, instead of remixing. 

It can be good to know that you can also rebuild a loop that you have started, if you come up with new ideas while working in it.