All your loops

In the list on your page My Loops, you will find the loops that you have built yourself and the ones you have remixed from the library. If you have been invited to build a loop with a colleague you will find that loop there too. The page My loops can be described as your own private library, but also as your workshop. This is where you go to find one of your loops, to continue building a loop or to start building a new one. You can sort your loops in the list by clicking the different headlines. If you click All, no sorting will be done, when you click My Originals, you will see the ones you have built yourself. Collaborative loops are the ones where you have been invited to collaborate, Remixed loops the ones you have remixed from the library and Copied loops the ones you have copied from loops that you have handed out. Collections is something you can build yourself to sort among ypur loops when you have many.