Updates in Loops, autumn 2020

Updates in Loops week 43

There are some minor updates that will go live next week in Loops: 

  • The possibility to attach a file from Onedrive in your answer as a student/participant.
  • If you have loops published in your library with locked hubs, it will now be possible to preview them if you are a teacher/leader (but not for students/particpants who have access to libraries)
  • When you select a student/participant in the white teacher dashboard list, you will see it marked in grey (bug fix).
  • If you add a link in a comment it will now be active and clickable. 

Updates in Loops week 45

  • Foreign schools are now schools. (Not in production yet).
  • Cleaning out old e-mail invites after 1 month.
  • Rearranging the start Page. (Not in production yet).
  • Changed Mincer to Webpack
  • Changes in Admin to set up users via OIDC.
  • If a student can’t create new loops, the heading My loops will be removed. 
  • Fixed the graphs and changed how we engage with the data in statistics for Loops staff. 
  • Deleted Plannings on the Start Page. 
  • Enhancing the embed service of films in loops.

Updates in Loops week 47

Workflow related enhancements

  • When you remix a loop there will ba a pop-up panel that tells you that the remixed loop will end up in the list of loops under My loops, and give you the opportunity to rename the loop. 
  • When you edit a loop that is handed out there have been no obvious way to go back to the teacher panel. Now we have added a button for that. 

Minor changes

  • For companies using Loops the button on the session have had the wording To Teacher Panel, that text have now been changed to To Leader Panel. That will be correct for companies, but incorrect for schools outside Sweden for some time. In about a month or so it will go back to be To Teacher panel for the schools abroad. 
  • The dropdown menus, that is the Organisation settings and the Notifications, can now be closed just by clicking outside them. Before you have had to click on the title to close them. 

Administration of an organisation

  • It is now possible, as an organisation, to choose an email that will be first line support. If you choose an email for your organisation that will be shown to your organisations participants in the footer and generate an email directly to you, when someone clicks there.
  • We have changed the wording on the dropdown menu for Teachers and Leaders that also are administrators of an organisation, to make it mote obvious what they can do there.