Import all students (and teachers) at your school at once

As an administrator, you can import all the school’s students and teachers at once, sorted into groups. To do so, select Overview and then Import participants. Start by downloading the template so that you can see what information you need to fill in about each person. (See picture of the template below). Please click on the “Instructions” tab to see an example on how to fill in the template. When you are done, upload the file. The file must be in excel format.

Then you have two choices. You can choose to simulate an import to check that everything has turned out as intended. You will receive a confirmation of the simulation with a report, via e-mail, within a few minutes. Or you choose to carry out the import directly. Also in that case, you will receive a confirmation, with a report via e-mail within a few minutes. One thing that is good to know is that students and teachers will not have to confirm their accounts by email when you import them this way. They can log in directly, with the email as the username, and the password you have chosen. If you want, you can choose the same password for everyone, and then the students and teachers can change their passwords immediately after they have logged in the first time.