Single sign on – Microsoft 365

If an organization has its users in a Microsoft365 environment, the easiest way to manage Loops users is to use AzureAD as a so-called Identity Provider (IDP) with SSO. This means that the user does not have to remember a separate login account for Loops but comes in with their Microsoft account.

At the time of writing, the organization needs to be prepared for this in Loops, that is something we as a supplier set up with a few keystrokes. Once this is done, we also need the help of the administrator who has administrator privileges in the Microsoft 365 environment to complete the configuration.

At an SSO login, the user is logged in if he already has an account, otherwise an account of the right type is created and then the user is logged in.

The exact steps depend on whether the Microsoft environment has education licenses (school) or another type of license (eg E3). The reason is that if you have education licenses, Loops can use the license type to determine if it is a student or a teacher. With business licenses, it requires a little more information to determine that.

In the attached file you can see how it works step by step. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.