Loops Teams app

Since the fall of 2021, there has been a Teams app for those of you who work in Microsoft’s environment. With the app, it will be easy to introduce Loops as a natural part of everyday work at school. In the Teams app, Loop’s entire system is embedded so the experience is very similar to the web version.

You can choose to add the app for your organization, so that Loops is easy to find and that you can receive notifications from Loops in Team’s notification flow. The experience is that you “stay” in Teams while you can work fully with all functions in Loops.

The app gives you the opportunity to:

  • Get notices from Loops in Teams
  • Retrieve one of your started loops when you are in Teams, to create a task of it.
  • For a teacher who is new to Loops to import students from a specific Team into Loops.
  • Use the new Apps in Assignments feature, to create your very own tab inside Teams, with a specific loop for your students.
  • Create Loops accounts to students in a specific team in Teams, after using the Assignments in apps function (Read separate support article about that).

Don’t forget that you can also send a loop to Teams, from Loops!

Film about Apps in Assignments: