Organization Hieriarchy

When you have an organization in Loops that has been authorized to be an overall organization, you can manage your sub-organizations from the tab Organizational Hierarchy. You get that permission through contact with our sales staff or our support at Loops.

Add new organizations

You can add new sub-organizations / schools by clicking Create new sub-organization.

Then this view will appear where you choose the name for the organization/school and add email addresses to those you want to become administrators for the new organization. Also add your own email if you want administrator privileges. You will receive an invitation to the new organization via email and confirm it. When done, you can go to the organization selector, click on the new organization and thus access the settings for it.

Settings for sub-organizations

When choosing an organization from those you have on your list, there are a few things you can do. If you are not already an administrator in the organization, you can make yourself an administrator. You can disengage the organization if it is no longer to be a sub-organization of your overall organization, but function independently in Loops. And you can decide whether to handle the invoicing or not.