Release notes October 2021

New features in Loops

Now it’s even more fun to build in Loops! Read more about why and watch the film which shows some of the new editing possibilities. The team app has also become a bit sharper!

The following has happened in Loops since you received the last update:

  • New editor with lots of nice features
  • Audio files that are uploaded become playable
  • The lists are now “smart” and can be paused
  • Improved functionality for large images
  • You can embed iFrames in your Loops
  • You can also use images in SVG and HEIC (apple new) formats
  • You can retrieve a specific loop for a selected Team
  • You can get your Loop Notices directly in Teams

Get a loop for Teams

When working inside Teams, you can now choose to retrieve a specific loop that you started in Loops and add it to a tab for your students in a selected Team. This makes it even easier for students to find the right one right away. You can now also get your Loop Notices inside Teams!

Smart lists

Do you usually make lists in the nodes when you build loops? Then you may have noticed that previously it was not possible to “pause” a list, write something in between and then resume the list. But you can do it now! Just hold down the Shift key when making a new line, and it will be without a period or number.

Embed iFrames!

Youtube and Vimeofilms have always worked to embed in Loops, and for a while also films from O365. But there is much more that you may want to embed in your loops. Many sites offer you a piece of embed code that you can post on, for example, a blog, or any other surface where you want something embedded. The code is received in a so-called iFrame that displays the content from the original page. Now Loops can also receive iFrame-embedded material!

Audio files become audio tracks!

When you have uploaded an audio track in Loops before, it has settled as a file. The file could not be played directly in Loops as the audio files do that you record directly in Loops, but the participant has had to download it to listen. Now we have arranged for audio files that are uploaded to be playable audio files instead!

Uploading large images

If you have worked with large images in Loop’s building tool, you have noticed that sometimes it is not possible to save. From now on, we therefore upload all images to a cloud service where they are reformatted to a suitable size and saved as long as they are used in Loops. This happens when you upload the image and sometimes it takes a few seconds before it is displayed.