Release notes september 2021

AutoSave function

We are now releasing a long-awaited function for all of you who build your own educational material in Loops. From Tuesday, what you write and paste in the nodes will be saved automatically!

  • In the building tool under My loops
  • When editing a distributed loop

In the building tool under My loops, the automatic save function is switched on all the time. But if you continue to build on  a started loop, which your students/participants are working in, you can choose to turn off the AutoSave function. If you turn off the function, everything works as before; you click the Save button to publish the changes so that your students/participants can see them when you are done with a node.

We believe and hope that this update will make it even more fun and easy to build loops. In the video below you can see how it works.

Please contact Loops support team if you have any feedback on the new functionality.