Test account

Anyone who would like to try Loops for free, can do that for 45 days by creating a test account at loops.education. The system will then set up a teacher’s test account and create an organization for it. You can say that the teacher gets her/his own school and the possibility to invite students. Since the teacher has started the school, s/he will also be the administrator in the organization with the privileges that entails (read more under the headline Administrator account). However, many of the settings are not relevant during a 30 day test period with a limited number of students. The students’ accounts will be linked to the school. That way they are a part of the same test period as the teacher’s account. Teachers who have a test account will have full access to Loops for 30 days. Read more about what that means under the headline Teacher’s account. When the period of 30 days expires, the teacher’s account will be converted into a Freemium account, unless the teacher has been in touch with us here at Loops to enter a contract.