Release notes June 2021

Now it’s time for us to release a major update to the Loops administration pages. We have strived to make them more similar to the rest of Loops in appearance and we have added a lot of functionality that will make it easier for you as an administrator in Loops to make the settings you want for your Loop environment.

We have, among other things:

  • Created an overview where you can see all participants divided into groups. There you can import many participants at once using our template and you can also clear entire classes/groups when they are no longer active in Loops.
  • Given an administrator the opportunity to see what a student or teacher is working on in Loops.
  • Divided the settings for the organization into general and advanced, where we listed the contents of the general settings under different headings.
  • Added the ability to decide whether a student/participant should receive an email when a loop is started and whether students/participants should be allowed to change their names.
  • Under Advanced settings added the ability to work with sub-organizations and to set up webhooks. Here we will add more as time goes on.

Click around in Loops to see how the admin pages work, use the guides to try it out, and go to Loop’s support pages if you need more information.